Gyno Pearls: Contraception Getting Less Effective Or Pregnancy Tests Getting Better?

We have had the distressing fact that we are getting less able to prevent pregnancy through the use of our most common form of birth control: The Pill. Although most women think they pick their method based on how effective it is at preventing pregnancy, we need to realize that The Pill is not not the best at pregnancy protection we have out there, and it is getting less effective. Or so we thought it was getting less effective. All new studies show higher pregnancy rates than the older studies of the birth control pill. We do have less hormone in the pill than it did 50 years ago, but we don't think that is really a factor in failures based on actual ovulation studies. US women are more obese, and theoretically that could contribute to The Pill giving a woman a lower hormone level, thus fail more, but again, no studies really prove this. But the pregnancy tests sure have improved! So we find out earlier, and don't miss many conceptions! And this is in fact what Drs Trussell and Portman postulate in their recent Contraception article.


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