Does a Uterus Need A Pregnancy? Or Just Semen? Hippocrates Discredited Theory(s)

Hippocrates claimed that the uterus "often went wild when not fed with male semen" . It wasn't exactly clear in his writings just how wild, or just how much semen this independent organ actually required. This was only one of the ancient myths of woman. In the early years of the Common Era, until the middle ages, there was the "seven cells doctrine." It was thought that the uterus had seven compartments, three on either side. The right catacombs of the uterus were thought to be for housing male fetuses, and the girls, on the left. It was thought that the middle cell was the birth place of hermaphrodites. And it was no use for women to consult their midwives on the veracity of these teachings as the text were usually written in Greek, and midwives typically were not educated enough to read these teachings. In another of his discredited theories Hippocrates also thought that bones had to open for the birth canal to allow birth, and for literally centuries obstruction was treated with all manner of sawing and separating of the pelvis. It was still in routine use in Italy in the early 1900s. The consequences of these treatments are too severe to even gab with your gyno about, thankfully we have set aside those theories that were discredited!


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