Are You Trying for a Boy? or a Girl?

Lots of patients want to conceive a girl or a boy, or want girl twins, and I get asked regularly how to get this done! Can praying make it so? Can certain medications, sex during certain phases of the moon, or other techniques that only gynos know be able to set the stage?  Like other modern women, beliefs aside, we want to know facts. And the fact is that approximately only 1/100 pregnancies naturally are twins, and that about as many boys as girls are born. Yet there are slight statistical variations i nthe birthing rates of males and females in some ethnic groups and some countries. And I do tell patients that, yes, some sperm separating techniques do work... a bit. Fertility medications can tip the scale towards getting your twins that you hope for. And maybe you wish for twins, but they may be a difficult pregnancy as even Rebekah lamented in Genesis 25:22 when she said her children "struggled in the womb", (excellent gynos in those Biblical days, they knew she was having twins!). Sperm separation methods do exist, but it's still not a generally accessible or affordable technique. Now enter the newest technique of mouse mating, no female mousy pheromones, no male ultrasonic wailing love cry, just two boy DNA sets fused in an egg. Can we say this is not a boy, not a girl, but perhaps a sex of a third kind?


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