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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Best Emergency Contraception

When you have unprotected sex the next morning you should consider a number of important steps. Call your mom, call your  best friend, call your gyno,? Sure those are all potentially great ways to get yourself protected by the unintended consequences of that action. Firstly, pregnancy protection, secondly STI protection and lastly a plan to get follow up testing to see if you have acquired any infections. STI protection may mean using antibiotics to prevent infections and it may mean using antivirals to prevent HIV disease. For pregnancy protection, over the counter is Plan B, which has to be taken (ideally) within the 72 hours. We also can use the Copper intrauterine device (ParaGard) is actually the most effective with failures of only 1/1000, but do to cost most women do not use this alternative. we no longer have only 72 hours, but we actually do have up to 5 days to take hormonal protection.  But to get that treatment may require a all to your gyno for an Ella prescription. Ella contains ulipristal acetate, and it is about double the effectiveness of the Plan B which only contains levonorgesterel. The least effective alternative is to do nothing. So if you have questions, call us at 217-356-3736, at Women's Health Practice.

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