Sex or Exercise Induced Allergic Reactions: Not a Myth

Allergic to sex,? Not to just semen but perhaps actually to having sex? The allergic reactions to exercise is just an allergy to physical exertion, and actually for some people this is related to exercising too close to eating. And both these conditions are medically called anaphylaxis, and a reason to consult your gyno. Although it's uncommon and usually only triggered by certain foods. The signs of an impending allergic reaction can be obvious: a rash or subtle: feeling warm, feeling a bit itchy, or suddenly tired. Most people with allergic reactions will flush as well. The rash is not usually the tiny dots that one would see with a food allergy, but they are bigger spots, typically almost 1 cm in diameter or even slightly greater. The allergic reaction typically occurs within a few hours of being exposed to the offending substance, or the offending exercise, or the 'offending' vigorous sex or sex too close to eating.
Gynos recommend stopping the activity, or the allergic reaction can produce more violent symptoms including bowel symptoms or diarrhea, swelling of the larynx making breathing hard, and lowering your blood pressure which could even lead to collapse. Although rest improves the condition some women will report headaches, even headaches that last days. Oddly, it's mostly a condition that comes on sporadically, but should non the less be checked by your gyno. Ovulation or premenstrual sex is most often associated with this reaction. Alcohol can be a trigger for some women. Like too hot an environment for exercise, too hot a room for sex can also be a trigger to the allergic reaction. Specific exercises aren't usually triggers, but the more exertion, the more it's been reported, and the sex connection hasn't been studied as often, as say tennis! The foods reported to be most likely to cause these problems are wheat, grains and nuts in Western societies, although in Asian population the variety of foods reported is much greater including eggs, vegetables, and even fruits. And other women report only some food combinations are the problem. Because it's so individual, self diet analysis is very important to establish what can be the cause. Once an offending food is found as a inciting trigger the 'fix' is getting allergy tested and avoiding that trigger. However, just waiting a couple of hours after eating to be vigorous works in many cases. Some gyno-sex-food homework for you!


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