Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis By Taking The Birth Control Pill?

Factors leading to chronic vaginal infections have been discussed in many posts. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is not necessarily a serious disease,and for those who are completely asymptomatic they do not always need treatment. Often there is a striking odor that is bothersome as well as  intense vaginal itching and burning it can cause is very distressing. BV can lead to the actual real concerns of pelvic inflammatory disease or preterm labor. and for some women these infections can become chronic. An interesting study now shows that taking oral contraceptives actually protects against BV. Some gynos think this is contrary to yeast infections, which are thought to be more common in oral contraceptive users. So if you think you have chronic BV infections, don't give up, come in and be tested. Look for confounding infection problems. And there may be a need to treat the guy too. Time to gab with the gyno.


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