Freud Was Not Right: Birth Control Is Good For Us

It wasn't just that strict teachings in some churches have hated contraception including condoms, nor just the more fact that they weren't legalized in the US until the 1930s, but condom use had what some might consider an unlikely foe: Freud! Freud is most known as the founder of the Oedipus complex, libido itself, free association dreaming in sex, and psychoanalysis. But what you might not know, Sigmund Freud, was against all methods of birth control" on the grounds that their failure rates were too high." And he mostly was referring to condom use (about all that was available then Freud essentially was euthanized in 1939 when his jaw cancer became too much for him), which he failed to see was an effective prevention of STDs as well as unwanted pregnancies. Freud apparently was particularly un-fond of condoms as the thought they were a barrier to sexual pleasure. was especially opposed to the condom because he thought it cut down on sexual pleasure and sexual expression.He hadn't even given condoms enough credence to see they would have fit so well into the dominant theme of males over females which he also championed. It would be up to the feminists to pint that out to us. Of course we have so many more effective and varied choices, but to this day condoms hold the unique place of protection against STDs, and as such should still be used.


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