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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Estrogen Fuel For Smarter Women

 Over a third of women born today will live beyond 100. To live well is to have a healthy brain, and a brain fueled by estrogen is healthiest brain a woman can grow. Healthy brains are fueled by glucose sugars, and the metabolism of those sugars is responsive to many factors, but significantly to estrogen. Our brain is learning, unlearning and rewiring at all times.  What Dr. Sandra Chapman of the University of Texas at Dallas refers to as either our brain is moving forward or moving backward. If you want the most brain power, to be an independent planner, decision-maker, with vigorous memory and problem-solving skills then we have to control our frontal lobe of our brain as that is where those functions occur. Frontal lobe networks help us plan our day, and by thinking ahead as to how you will do that as you read: you are improving your brain. There are the negative forces we have to work against. The brain loses about 2% of total blood flow over each decade of our life, beginning in our 20s. At the time of menopause both the metabolism of the brain and the blood flow to the brain slip dramatically. With work on your brain function, you can reverse this dramatically. One brain enhancing program, one in which women are challenged with thinking skills,  was able to show a spike of as much 12% increased blood flow after 12 hours of this high performance brain training. Another way would be to keep an optimum balance of estrogen. The end result is less cognitive decline with aging and perhaps a 50% or more reduction in your risk of Alzheimer’s.

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