Can Removing Uterine Fibroids Increase Fertility

If you are planning pregnancy and discover you have a uterine fibroid, the decision is to treat or wait until after you have children to treat. Often women don't have the choice and the first sign of a fibroid is on a prenatal ultrasound. If you have had preterm labor or a miscarriage, then generally many gynos will say removing the fibroid or fibroids will improve pregnancy success. However, if you just have not yet conceived, should any fibroids discovered be removed? This is debated.
In 1917 the renown gynecologist Hofmeier stated uterine fibroid did not cause infertility. Almost that same year in a contrasting paper Olshausen stated that almost 1/3 women with fibroids had infertility. We currently think that the 1/3 women figure is probably a bit high. In a landmark paper written in the early 1980s Victor Buttram reported that infertility, due only to uterine fibroids, only occurs in about 10% of cases. What we think is that large fibroids, or ones that obstruct the fallopian tubes are the most likely to cause infertility. Miscarriage and prematurity are the concerns more than infertility with uterine fibroids.


  1. My sister was pregnant with twin girls but miscarried at 24 weeks due to fibroids. Unfortunately she didn't know she had them and her doctor didn't mention them either.
    Roslyn Moore
    Sarasota FL


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