Can Metal Exposure Affect Gynecologic Health?

Metal exposure is in the list of allergens for women experiencing symptoms of irritation. It's possible that piercings can produce allergic reactions, but it's not really thought that metals worn in other parts of the body would affect allergic symptoms in the gynecologic regions. On the other hand, scientists have begun to explore the use of metals in clothing to help control or alter bacterial growths. Germs can be important for bowel health and vaginal health, but then again the over growth of the wrong bacteria or viruses can be very negative for our health. Silver is for healing wounds, and copper is for discouraging bacterial growth. Whether exposure to these types of metals, or including these types of metals in clothing or treatments to help cure infections has been an intensely debated subject.  More and more studies are trying to establish how to contain bacterial exposures that are detrimental to our health, so anything that may control this exposure will be welcome, even in underwear! The subject is very complex. So keep gabbing with us and we will see what the next round of research brings!


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