HPV 9 Valent Vaccine Is Here

HPV is an important cause of cervical, vaginal, vulvar, urethral, rectal and anal cancers.  Vaccination is the best way for women and men to protect themselves from cervical and probably from penile cancer as well. First there there was a vaccine that will cover women for over half of all cervical cancers. Men and women need to be vaccinated, and the whole population at risk would need to be vaccinated, or the protection rates are not going to be as effective as that. But now, a new  9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine is available that is more effective than the first versions and can prevent up to 85% of invasive cervical cancer.. The current vaccine protects against 16,18, 6 and 11. The new vaccine will add in 31,33, 45, 52, and 58. Other than HPV strains 16 and 18, strain 45 is the most commonly the cause of infections that potentially could lead to cervical cancer. For men, HPV types seen with penile cancers are HPV 16,18 and 6. Penile cancers are rare and there are no direct penile cancer studies that prove vaccination will prevent it. We advocate vaccination without regard for Women can be tested for prior acquisition of some of these strains with swab tests of the cervix. Those treated not only are protected against cervical cancer, but they are protected from getting abnormal pap tests and the precancerous cervical condition called dysplasia. It is thought that Merck will phase out the old version of the Gardasil vaccine and transition all to the newer, more potent vaccine. For most girls and young women, if you are due for the vaccine, do get the one that is currently available, the sooner you begin protection the better. However at your visits we plan to individually counsel patients at Women’s Health Practice to help you make the best decision on vaccination for yourself and your family.


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