97% of Women Avoid Hysterectomy at One Year If They Have A NovaSure

Often women will walk into our practice stating their periods are so miserable they think they need a hysterectomy, but it's rarely the case that the miserable period not be treated with less extreme measures. Even if you have cancer risk factors, or have a strong family history for hysterectomy, or think you have already failed all the available therapies, there are likely treatments that your gyno will have not yet tried, and it may be worth listening to your choices. Heavy bleeding and dysfunctional bleeding are the two main reasons women consider having a hysterectomy; but evaluating the ways you can avoid hysterectomy is important as well. Some women can take oral contraceptives, others can take Lysteda, but for those done with having children endometrial ablations are an excellent choice. Endometrial ablation for avoiding hysterectomy has been around for several years and more data is being released regarding long term success. At a year, almost 80% of women are either bleeding normally or having less than normal amounts of menstrual bleeding. The newest studies show that about 97% of women will have not needed a hysterectomy at 5 years after the procedure called NovaSure. In some studies the NovaSure option for endometrial ablation was the most successful at long term resolution of heavy bleeding, but more recent studies back the use of other technologies as equally successful. There are potential side effects. Ablation is not contraception and it's important to still use contraception after the procedure. But it is an excellent choice for many.


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