Maybe an Aspirin Really Will Work As Contraception

It's been a bad joke for years, "aspirin only works for contraception if you hold it between your knees," and aside from the axiom that abstinence does prevent pregnancy, this was never a workable plan on so many levels! But oddly, an interesting study has emerged from the Eastern Virginal Medical School research group that looked at the ability for substances called COX-2 inhibitors (NSAID-S) actually was noted to delay the release of an egg from a rip follicle. It's not so far fetched a concept. We think the fertile egg has to rupture out of it's own growth womb in order to be able to be fertilized. The step of rupturing apparently occurs by a series of enzymes that eat open the follicle to release the egg. These enzymes use prostaglandins to ultimately create the breach in the wall of the follicle. COX-2 inhibitors inhibit the prostaglandin pathway, and thus may prevent a ripe egg from releasing, An egg retained in the ovary too long and not released is probably not as fertile as one released promptly. For the right person aspirin can be dangerous, you do have to discuss with your gyno if you are contemplating using aspirin for heart protection or to prevent colon cancer or to prevent blood clots. So, keep gabbing with your gyno, maybe that aspirin a day will protect you from pregnancy and a lot more than just protecting your
your heart.


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