Losing Weight Becomes A Losing Cause

Losing weight can be easy that first blush of your diet, but then what happens? Why don't your clothes fit if you are actually getting fitter? Women need to get rid of fat deposits in your organs and muscles if you are going to be healthy. It is the deep seated fat, and yes, mostly around the waist, that causes the consequences of being overweight. Gynos have tools to figure out your body fat, but you can to using one of the helpful on line tools.  Here's one from Fitness Magazine. Dropping in weight isn't always a straight line. And almost all of us will plateau at about 6  months into a diet as a general real. Your body fat is in large part controlling this distressing diet factor. It is responsible for hormones that can either help or hinder weight loss. As you exercise you trigger the right hormone balance, and the hormones that help you burn fat get a boost. But then something happens and the more you lose the more difficult it is to stay slim. It's because your body metabolically adapts. If you lose 15% of your body weight your fat hormone leptin falls by 65%! Leptin can be measured to see what your levels are, and to see if you can get that level to budge. If you cannot,  you may need other tools such as medication or much more radical calorie restriction will be necessary to prevent losing weight from becoming a losing cause. 


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