IUD Self Check: Five Questions Thant You Can Canswer to Determine if You need To See Your Gyno About Your IUD

Self Test For IUD Health, and reasons to see the gyno
1. Have your menstrual cycles changed suddenly?
2. Can you feel your strings?
3. Do you have a negative pregnancy test?
4. Has the expiration date passed?
5. If you have a new partner do you have a negative STD test?
6. Do you bleed after sex?
7. Do you have heavy menstrual periods?
8. Do you have pelvic pain?
9. Can your partner feel your strings with sex?


  1. A reader asks
    I just have a few questions for you if you could be so kind and answer to the best of your knowledge. I got my paragard inserted on 3-3-16 and had what I believe to be my cycle about 4 days after. It was heavy bleeding and lasted about 4-5 days. It is now 4-1 and I have been having cramping for a few days along with spotting/clear stretchy discharge, I just noticed an odor starting today. I was supposed to go in for my follow up yesterday but I live out of town and cannot make it until next Thursday. I have never done a string check per my doctor said it's not necessary. Could this be a sign of something bad? Pregnancy (I took a cheap test from Walmart result-negative) or infection? Thank you for your time.

  2. Medical advice cannot be given via blog. At Women's Health Practice we are accepting new patients at 217-356-3736. That being said, it is reasonable to treat cramping with an IUD and negative pregnancy test with an NSAID (ibuprofen) or tylenol. If a woman has a discharge that may be indicative of a vaginal infection then waiting a few days for evaluation is not considered harmful. If a woman has significant pain or suspects PID she needs to be sooner. Feeling the IUD strings is a good sign that an IUD is in the place it should be.


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