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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Convey Risk Stumps Physicians When It Comes To Breast Cancer

Mot of us know that many factors contribute as to who we want to deal with medical conditions of the breast and the uterus. Are you done with your family? Your age, your prior treatments, your sister's or mother's experience, how close you are to menopause and other medical conditions all affect both your decisions and how your physician presents alternatives. Few studies have actually looked at the significance of these factors, especially from the stand point of what you are actually told your diagnosis is. In a recent study of breast cancer, the researchers looked at whether you would pick medical treatments or surgery depending on what you were told by your medical team. the word cancer, even when used as a description that says "contained" is more likely to trigger a desire for surgery. Most patients will put a lot of weight on the statistical outcomes, and it's important to be sure that you have an understanding of what the successful treatment may mean. For some conditions, there are literally studies that say that the outcome can vary from almost completely successful, to very little success. In other words, knowing what recent medical science thinks is not always so straightforward. And the population that the study took place in has a big effect on the applicability to your situation. Some studies are in Asia for instance where diet and lifestyle are radically different than ours, so when looking into the results you have to modify how heavily you are going to weigh those facts.

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