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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Curing Bladder Infections Without Antibiotics, But It is Possible To Have Cranberry Juice Withdrawal?

 It is Possible To Have Cranberry Juice Withdrawal?  Cranberry juice will work to hold off or even cure bladder infections but you may not be able to stop! Cranberries contain flavonoids. For years gynos debated as to what about the cranberry juice helped to prevent infections, it was thought that urine became more acidic, but apparently it just causes a slippery wall to the bladder. The E.coli bacteria, which cause most infections, then cannot stick to these slippery walls. This is a great technique for preventing infection, as there is no resistance that develops unlike the resistance we can develop from antibiotic treatments. Taking the cranberry pills, rather than just drinking juice, is better for us, as sometimes the extra fluid can make the symptoms of going more frequently much worse. But then there are relapses, and more chronic infections after chronic cranberry users stop.
We have Vitamin C can prevent and treat urinary tract infections. It has been studied in pregnancy, and as little as 100 mg per day can prevent infections.

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