Contraceptive Pills Go Ultra Low Dose

A contraceptive pill that has reduced the estrogen exposure by almost half compared to other oral contraceptive pills is now available to women. It was studied in almost 1700 women in an open label (women know what they were taking trial.It was shown that this formula is effective at preventing pregnancy, being over 98% effective and it was as safe and tolerable as other low dose pills. This new study also included a group of women who were 36 to 45. In fact this group had almost 99% effectiveness, and did well. The inclusion of women who were in the obese BMI range of 30 to 35 were found to have contraceptive effectiveness identical to thinner women, also a group not often studied.  Women on these low dose pills often have no menstrual bleeding or light bleeding, and in fact 43% of women had no menstrual period in the first cycle. Bleeding between cycles was very light if it occurred at all and decreased over time.

Norethindrone Acetate 1.0 Milligram and Ethinyl Estradiol 10 Micrograms as an Ultra Low-Dose Oral Contraceptive

Archer, David F. MD; Nakajima, Steven T. MD; Sawyer, Allan T. MD; Wentworth, Jeffrey MD; Trupin, Suzanne MD; Koltun, William D. MD; Gilbert, Richard D. PhD; Ellman, Herman MD

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