Breast Cancer Gene Competition

For many years genetic testing was virtually unheard of now you can, probably should, and need to decide how to test your genes to understand how to best manage your health care. We have progressed scientific evidence from  testing for the product of your genes, to the genes themselves. Eventually you can both make decisions and maybe in the future treat the errant genes. Myriad Genetics Breast Cancer Gene testing is the most commonly heard of test. Now other companies are coming on board, and offering different types of tests, more competition to bring costs down, and different technologies that would potentially increase accuracy of the test. There is the Gene by Gene test. There is Gene Dx or Ambry Genetics.. Myriad genetics has improved their services with myRisk Hereditary Cancer Panel. On these sites you can find out specific test offerings and perhaps then you can gab with your gyno to figure out if you need more comprehensive testing than any you have had so far.


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