What is A Vaginal Bioflilm?

Simply put a biofilm is a layer on the walls of the vagina that is almost exclusively made by organisms. Biofilms allow organisms to resist treatments with antibiotics and antifungals. Vaginal Biofilms may thus contribute to both chronic relapsing infections as well as to resistance against bacterial or fungal organisms which cause Yeast or BV treatment, so it's something we need to gab about! There is a microscopic layer that acts as a enclosed and highly favorable nutrient environment for bacteria and yeast to exist within. If they exist within this layer then they are impenetrable to the antibiotics delivered though the blood stream in the case of oral medicines, or in the local environment as with creams and suppositories. It is why sometimes treatments seem to initially work, but then become resistant to the treatment as the organisms not in the biofilm will be eradicated
, while those within the biofilm survive.


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