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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Newest Culprit in Bladder Infections

Antibiotics should be very efficient at killing off the bacteria that causes bladder infections. But there is a new culprit that seems to be responsible for resistant and repeat infections, and that is animal meat consumption.  As reported in an article in the New York Times.  Generally speaking there can be a few different ways to contract infections from meat and eating contaminated meat is one of them. Buying the appropriately treated and certified meat and beyond that proper cooking, proper handling, and proper hand washing should minimize the risk. But perhaps there is a hidden risk in eating meat, and that is the development of infections that are not susceptible to the typically used antibiotics. The theory has to do with how many antibiotics are used in the farming industry and whether exposure to these compounds puts us at risk. Dietary guidelines include some meat eating for many healthy diets, but definitely eating fewer meat portions can lead to better health. If you are a woman who suffers from urinary tract infections, before you make diet changes, we suggest gabbing with your gyno as we have discussed other factors that can lead to urinary tract infections in other posts.

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