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Menopause: Making Peace With Change

Monday, August 12, 2013

PMS Self Diagnosis

Actually the only accurate way to diagnose PMS is self diagnosis through proper charting of your symptoms. If in most cycles over the year you have at least 5 of these symptoms in your premenstrual week (and if they do resolve during the time of your period) then you have PMS:
1. Depressed mood (feel hopeless, critical of your self)
2. Anxiety, some describe it as tension
3. Mood swings
4. Anger, anger in bursts, conflict with workers or family in bursts
5. Not interested in your usual activities
6. Difficulty concentrating
7. No energy
8. Appetite cravings or dramatic changes
9. Sleep pattern changes
10. feeling overwhelmed or feeling out of control
11. Breast soreness, headaches or bloating

You can get the ball rolling on effective treatment by getting rid of caffeine, stopping smoking, exercising, eating better, getting extra sleep, and reducing stresses. Taking B vitamins may also help. And do track your cycles to make sure the symptoms are occurring when you think they are. Then get in to confirm with your gyno.

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