HPV Confessions? What To Tell Your Partner When You Contract HPV

It's never a fun discussion to reveal STDs to new partners, whether they be past or current infections. Some times infections pose very significant risk: HIV or Hepatitis C. Sometimes the infections are so easily curable that the state will typically track your partner down for treatment whether you spill or don't, like chlamydia. HPV is a difficult one to discuss. If it's HPV warts you have, well, the guy may get these warts and he really should be check for them. HPV caused abnormal pap smears present an unclear risk to the partner. He can pass on the infection
, but his risk of getting a cancer is low, and thus patients express a lot of reluctance to be frank about the discussion if they have been told they have a positive HPV test.  I've heard all sorts of poor strategies  from patients about what to tell their guys about HPV infection.
1. Lie, after all, maybe the test is wrong
2. Wait to see if it goes away
3. Find out if he's already had the infection
4. Leave the relationship
5. Tell him you were vaccinated, just don't say if you already had the infection

My gyno advice: be as honest and straight forward as possible. Involve your gyno in the discussion as she's likely to have access to the most accurate and up to date information to help answer questions. 


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