Diet And Menstrual Cramps

Overall nutritious diet and not having any actual vitamin deficiencies helps all medical conditions, and for women with persistent problems in spite of their own dietary adjustments are candidates to get their vitamin blood levels checked. But here's a list of the main nutrients every woman should include to reduce menstrual cramping:
  •  Calcium, also reduces PMS symptoms, up to about 1000 mg/day
  •  Magnesium200-400 mg daily during the menstrual cycle
  •  Vitamin E, can be taken as Primrose oil, 400 IU of E a day, watch medications that cause bleeding as they both can increase your blood loss from your period while stopping the cramps
  •  Vitamin B6, or Pyridoxine, 100-200 mg/day, consult your physician if you have any neurological symptoms


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