Breast Lumps In Pregnancy Shouldn't Be Ignored.

Only 1/3000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer during pregnancy, so although not uncommon it's important to notify your gyno if you do have a breast lump so it can be checked out. Breast milk starting to come in, and pockets of extra breast milk can cause lumps and those tend to cause pain, as opposed to breast masses that are cancerous which are more likely to not hurt. Although the treatments may have to be modified and customized to the individual case, breast cancer treatment in pregnancy is as successful as treatments in the non-pregnant patient. Lumps can be removed, but it is safest for the baby to delay any chemotherapy or radiation therapy until after delivery. Once a woman is breastfeeding, a cancerous lump is more likely to be missed. If a cancerous mass is found it will likely mean the mom needs to stop breastfeeding and treat the cancer. And remember a large percentage of cancers are found by the woman herself, so don't skip your breast self exams just because you are pregnant.


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