Visible Cases of Ovarian Cancer in Real Life and Our Virtual Lives

Cancer awareness increases when it strikes close to home. However, those of us who are fortunate enough to have not had this happen, have been connecting through our favorite shows, characters and actors with this devastating disease. In the final season of the recent incarnation of 90210 had a young main character who was told she had BRCA mutations and was considering removal of her ovaries. And then the ScyFy Channel show Warehouse 13 has the female lead recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Last year Pierce Brosnan’s 41-year-old daughter passed away of ovarian cancer on 6/28/2013 and her mother died of the same disease in 1991 at age 43. Knowing a family member had the disease, we urge you to come in to discuss screening. Many good sources of information exist, but an excellent place to find facts about ovarian cancer would be


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