Susceptible Pregnant Moms Exposed to Chicken Pox

"911" For Susceptible Pregnant Moms Exposed to Chicken Pox:
Chickenpox can be a mild disease only leaving a few scars behind, however for some individuals, pregnant women included, it can be a very serious condition. Women who are immune cannot get chickenpox, but they can get shingles as can any other adult. But if not immune, and exposed to the condition you are able to contract the disease. It is possible to get treated with a boost of antibodies to prevent actually getting chickenpox if a pregnant mom has been exposed. Although the treatment called VariZIG has been available previously, the CDC and the FDA are recommending that high risk patients including pregnant women who have either never had the condition, or never been vaccinated, or don't have the antibodies so are not immune get the treatment as soon as possible and within 10 days of being exposed to the chickenpox virus called varicella. If you have had your prenatal testing, either early in pregnancy or while planning pregnancy, with us you should be able to find out if you are immune or a candidate for this treatment. We urge our patients to call us with specific questions about their immunity, or if they are exposed, to contact us by phone as soon as practical so that we can determine if you need to be treated.


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