Overweight and Obese Moms Deliver Prematurely (in Sweden)

There is a long list of maladies attributed to obesity, and I know we all understand that normalizing weight is the best, regardless of what aspect of health we are discussing. And sooner is better than later, as it's as hard to quit chips as it is to quit drags on a cigarette. In an article published in the June 12th 2013 JAMA Swedish researchers have studied over 98% of all births that occurred over a couple years time. These women have optimal prenatal care, virtually all are seen between 8 and 12 weeks of pregnancy. They studied over a million and a half women! Being obese significantly increased the chance of delivering very premature meaning delivering in that 28-31 week range. the risks translated into a very small increase, about 0.2% more patients. Their theories on why have to do with overall immune system and the rates of inflammation that can lead to the cervix weakening. Stress, vaginal bleeding, and infections, as well as smoking all contribute to risks of inflammation in the baby's uterine environment. Obesity also causes increased inflammation. In fact this is thought to contribute to poor cardiovascular health, and may impact on the blood vessel circulation of the placenta which can contribute to poor pregnancy outcomes. Another reason to pregnancy plan and try to normalize your weight before conception, as it may become very difficult to ever normalize your weight after pregnancy.


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