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Monday, July 8, 2013

It's Your Diet, Your Activity and Your Genetics That Leads To Weight Gain on Oral Contraceptives: In Animals Oral contraceptives Could be A... Diet Pill?

Most efforts at weight control involve exercise or appetite suppression, and the most successful involve both. Common wisdom would have you believe oral contraceptive pills cause weight gain and promote obesity.In humans the studies of birth control pills and weight gain or loss are conflicting. In the actual studies some women lose weight, some gain and most actually remain about the same. It is thought some water retention may occur over the first few months, but beyond that, which resolves, it is still debated as to what happens with ones metabolism and fat deposits.  In female rhesus monkeys oral contraceptive pills promoted weight loss and body fat loss. This was more true for heavier animals, which didn't achieve the weight of the normal weight animals, but trended down. Specifically the hormone of fat modulation, adiponectin, which controls the rate of fat deposit decrease. The more adiponectin, the slimmer the monkeys got. Insulin levels rose overall as well. And we humans have white fat and animals have brown fat, sadly, this is a big difference, and thus hormonal changes may be similar without affecting our fat quite the same.Other hormones of fat were studied as well at the Primate center in Beaverton Oregon, but it's really too early to say for sure. When the leptin changes, is part of the story. Leptin causes decrease in fat stores, but dieting can decrease the leptin relatively greater than the amount of loss, so that can change when and how a woman lose. So many factors could be at play, and they have only studied a few rhesus monkeys so far. It is possible that weight loss or dieting attempts cause this slowing of one's metabolism that affects body fat over time.

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