If You Had Diabetes During Pregnancy

If you had diabetes when pregnant, you likely got to stop your medications and intense regimen of blood sugar checking almost as soon as your baby was born. And if you keep up your diabetic diet, exercise, and especially if you breastfed you were likely to not to be diabetic in  those early days. But only testing can determine if you have a normal blood sugar or not. The current recommendation is to get tested at the time of your post partum visit, and your physician may recommend a 2 hour sugar tolerance test (GTT). This more rigid testing is finding that about one in three women who are tested right at that 6 week check up will still have diabetes. And current studies are showing about half of all those who had diabetes in pregnancy will become diabetic in later life. Some gynos will not test until about 3 months out, and most will recommend testing again as your baby turns 3, to see if you are a diabetic. There are a number of ways to test once you have had a baby, but having the 2 hour test is probably the most accurate. Gab with your gyno and figure out what the best plan is for your diet and testing.


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