Down's Syndrome Detection Progress. Do gynos Need To Talk To You About Metabolomics?

Metabolomics is the newest area of medicine that is creeping into gyno care. Specifically metabolomics involves studying small molecules within cells. It can tell a gyno whether a cell is healthy or not. Apparently these molecules don't always stay put and can be found in the circulation, especially in the circulation of pregnant moms. The first reports of their use in early pregnancy diagnosis has surfaced. Some pregnancies complicated by Down's Syndrome may have abnormal metabolomics. Exactly whether this will help diagnosis, now that we have cfDNA (DNA testing of the baby on the mom's blood), is not really known, but a story to follow.


  1. I have a retroverted uterus and get severe vaginal/uterine infections.However culturing of my vaginal swab,urine and my husband's semen come out sterile.What can be the cause of these infections and how can i avoid them?Is the position of my uterus somehow to be blamed for this?Will my retroverted uterus affect my ability to conceive?

  2. Approximately 15-30% of women are born with a retroverted uterus and they have no clinical consequences from this. Some women have an anterior uterus that becomes retroverted due to medical conditions that your gynecologist needs to determine if this is the case. Uterine infections and vaginal infections are very different conditions and again, it is up to your gynecologist to work this out for you. Second opinions can be helpful.


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