Baby Planning? Don't forget to Send Dad To the Doc Too!

Sperm counts and semen quality have long been of interest to the pregnancy seeking, especially if infertile couple, but other than that not much attention has been paid to dad in the preconception medical world. The prevalent thinking is that only a healthy sperm will swim there first (out of the 60 million or more ejaculated!). but a group of Rotterdam researchers in the Netherlands has published some thoughts regarding this topic in the July 2013 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The point of this article, is that baby daddy care is generally wise, but little studied and not often recommended, but should become a future priority of health care providers. Good health will make the dads better providers for their children and families, but maybe it will make them have healthier
babies as well. Baby daddy advice according to this study has been along the lines of "modify high risk behavior and poorly controlled disease before conception is attempted." Cigarette smoking damages sperm, but damaged sperm can in fact fertilize an egg. Not a lot of evidence proposes how much harm we are risking from smoking dads, but it has been shown that the chance of childhood leukemia (blood cancer) is increased with smoking. So when baby planning, dad needs to cut down or quit smoking as much as the baby mama does!


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