A Vitamin Cure for PCOS? A Vitamin Cure For Gestational Diabetes?

Could their perhaps be a way to avoid the irregular periods, the weight gain, the unwanted hair growth, or the acne of PCOS that is actually nutritionally based? Oral contraceptives, anti-androgen medications and hypoglycemic agents are mostly what is given. But careful study shows that some women with polycystic ovarian syndrome could benefit by nutritional management as well. Inositol is a vitamin in the B group that has never been considered an essential vitamin as our bodies do make this from sugar (glucose). It is also in many of the foods we eat fairly regularly such as oranges and cantaloupes. But physicians and nutritionists have begun to look at this compound as a treatment for polycystic ovaries and diabetes and some birth defect prevention such as neural tube defects. A group of Italian physicians recently looked at whether this could reduce the risk of getting gestational diabetes if you supplemented the moms with 4 grams of myo-inositol daily, and it may have worked to reduce the risk of getting gestational diabetes by half. Women who are gestational diabetics are not encouraged to go against medical advice. Proper treatment of the gestational diabetes will reduce miscarriages, birth defects and stillbirth. Other ways to prevent diabetes in pregnancy: go into pregnancy with normal weight, eat well, gain normal amounts of weight during the pregnancy, and exercise according to pregnancy guidelines. For non-pregnant women, nutritional evaluation (for instance what is your red-blood cell folate level) can be helpful in guiding therapy.


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