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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Metal In Our Body, Should We Worry About Essure Devices or IUDs?

As more women get Essure, more women are finding out questions they weren't sure they should have asked. Women worry about metal permanently in their body. Even if you didn't have an allergy today, could one develop in the future to some metal implant, it occurs to women to wonder how they could get rid of the offending device and still have the health benefits they sought in the first place.  There are many reported cases of hypersensitivity to various metals, even if the patient doesn't have a 'true allergy'. Metal is supposed to interfere with TNS units. Many heart stents are 'stainless steel' which is actually nickel and chromium. When it comes to skin rashes, nickel is a common offender, about 20% of the population reports some allergies to nickel in contact with skin. But not all that get rashes from contact to the skin would have a problem with metal actually used in your body. You can be tested with a skin prick test to see if you are allergic before getting a particular device with metal, say the copper containing IUD, but again this is not 100%. In fact with food allergies only 50% of people who test allergic to a specific food on a pin prick test will ever get allergic if they actually consume that food. So in short, there's not really a great way to test for these reactions in the first place for those who have never had a prior problem, but if you know you are allergic, you might want to consider other alternatives.

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