Is Vaping Safe in Pregnancy?

E-Cigarettes or electronic cigarettes to those of us who don't smoke, can be inhaled and that is not called smoking it is called vaping. The exotica marketed to the former smoking group is growing in appeal and variety, and was highlighted in a story in Wall Street Journal. But what if you are pregnant, would vaping be safe? E-cigs use technology to turn nicotine, without tar and other byproducts, into inhale-able vapor. If you want to even give off the ambiance of being a smoker in the dark, or from a distance, the very vampy-est vaping devices have LED lights on their ends. Smokers say they "work" just like any cigarette, without some of the tobacco smell, and no ashtray mess. The FDA regulates all tobacco products, whether with smoke or without. Doctors and the medical field have not established safety. Smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is not safe in pregnancy and many fetal problems have been linked to this including actual birth defects, premature labor, placental problems and growth problems of the babies. Can eCigs ward off the problems seen in pregnancy by tobacco smokers, we are not sure, but nicotine exposure causes a lot of toxicity, so extra nicotine in pregnancy is definitely not a benefit. Most gynos will tell you to just quit, with or without medical aids, before you get pregnant. If just quitting doesn't work, then nicotine substitution (gum, patches) is the next best thing. It's been difficult to study because so few women in the trials actually stick to their resolve to completely quit cigarettes. So as for our original question, is vaping safe in pregnancy, the easy answer from your gyno is that safety has not been firmly established.


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