Healthy Dieting For the Mom to Be

Some weight loss going into a pregnancy is good. Normalizing your weight before pregnancy can lead to lower risks of diabetes, lower risk of c-section, lower risk of retaining weight, and healthier babies.  Usually the healthy behaviors recommended are stopping smoking and increasing exercise. For those with diabetes, the better your sugar control is, regardless of your weight, the fewer miscarriages and birth defects women will have. Normally weight loss itself will help prevent type 2 diabetes, but oddly quiting smoking doubles your risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Perhaps this is because of weight gain, but we aren't sure. Not a reason not to quit, but a good reason to get your weight managed after quitting smoking. Too much weight loss going into pregnancy, or during pregnancy,  is potentially harmful to you and your baby. Too much dieting could lead to calcium, iron or folic acid deficiencies which all are associated with pregnancy problems that may be both maternal and fetal. Medications for weight loss are usually categorized as Pregnancy Category X Drugs. This is mostly as they have not been deemed safe. The new drug Qysmia falls into this category, mostly because one component has been associated with cleft lips and cleft palates. Belviq, a diet drug approved in the US but not yet available, is also going to be a category X.


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