Fertile Window

We mentioned the fertile window briefly in the post on how to get pregnant, but thought that we would review it again. Sperm are now thought to be able to live in a woman's body, after sex, for about 6 days if she has well-estrogenized cervical mucus. Eggs however live for about a day, or in some cases less. Newest research states that intercourse daily during the fertile window does help women get pregnant. For the woman who has a typical 28 day menstrual cycle, her fertile window is those 6 days ending on the day of ovulation. For this typical woman the best days to get pregnant are day 10-17 of your cycle, counting the first day of bleeding as your first day. You are not likely to be fertile if you wait for sex until after ovulation. Once a woman ovulates, there typically is not enough time for sperm to get to the egg as the egg survives for such short periods of time. No one has established how long you have to wait without sex before having your fertile sex. Some experts suggest waiting 5 days, so days 5-9 before having lots of sex days 10-17 for your best chance of getting pregnant.


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