Diabetic Breast Disease: An Unusual But Treatable Cause of Breast Pain

Breast pain is a common and bothersome problem. And now we have shown that one's diet can affect breast pain in ways we have not yet expected, and that is your sugar metabolism and sugar control. Many breast pain conditions are just due to fibrocystic disease, it is very rare for breast pain to be a sign of cancer. Persistent breast pains are definitely a reason to see your gyno. and to get caught up on your mammograms. But if you have pain, skin changes, or lumpiness that your gyno has not been able to specifically diagnose or treat, you may have a rare breast condition.  Some of these rare breast conditions are actually due to infections. These infections would include molluscum, actinomycosis, syphilis, or even tuberculosis. All these infections can cause pains or medical conditions in the underarm (also called axillary) areas as well as infections to individual breast sinuses. The disease scarcoidosis can cause breast problems. But there is a condition called diabetic 'mastopathy' the official word for breast disease. that is not written about very much. Diabetic mastopathy seen in insulin dependent diabetics. This can be due to circulation or tissue changes that become painful over time. The treatment for this breast condition includes treatment of your diabetes. For answers to other diabetic common questions see this link. It is not well established how often this occurs in those who are insulin resistant and not yet in full blown diabetes, but researchers are looking into this as well.


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