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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Could This Pregnancy Be...Fake?

Pseudocyesis is the medical term for 'fake' pregnancy.  This is not just, "wow I'm having symptoms of pregnancy, may be I am": that's a normal 'differential diagnosis' process we gynos encourage in our patients who do have the signs of an early pregnancy so that they can take a test and be sure of whether they are. But pseudocyesis  is more like: really believing you are pregnant, whether that pregnancy test is positive or not.  It's not so uncommon, virtually every gyno has seen cases, or even regularly see cases of women who really think they are pregnant and have to be very definitely convinced they are not pregnant before they believe it. But there is a difficult, fortunately rare, psychologic condition that occurs when a woman cannot be convinced that she is not pregnant when she is not, so yes, there are instance when the pregnancy can be 'fake.'

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