Can a Man (or Boy) Have a Positive Pregnancy Test?

Of course, silly, boys don't get pregnant, so the quick answer is of course not. But as for the actual HCG tests, yes, males can test positive for some HCG in their system. This is the hormone, that is made by the placenta, that is what you test for on home and blood pregnancy tests. Our hospital lab says that a HCG level over 25 is consistent with pregnancy for women. But "normal" male HCG levels can be 19 to 67 mIU/mL. My office lab says that normal for women is 0-5 mIU/mL, and males 0-3 mIU/ml, so a bit less than the kits they are using at the hospital. And, interestingly, our lab says "normal" for post-menopausal women is 0-8 mIU/mL. So, context is everything, and gab with your gyno if you ever have questions on the tests themselves, or the results, and don't be ordering these on men!


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