Plan The Birthday For Your Baby This Year

Are you a planner? Do you want to plan when you will have your next baby? Science and superstition can help you plan! Most of us think that we have sex for the holidays with a bit more abandon, so lots of babies born in the fall. But a new study says, maybe there is something else to the seasonal birthday phenomenon. Almost 6500 semen samples were collected in Israel to try to answer the question of seasonal birth patterns.In the animal world seasonal birthing is very common, so they reasoned it might be with humans too. I have always told patients that bursts of sex: 9 months after New Year's Eve, ( months after the New York City Blackout....translates into more babies born with identical birth dates. But in analyzing sperm counts by season, it turns out in the study by Eliahu Levitas and co-workers, men produce their best swimming sperm in the winter. And there was a low of fast swimming sperm in the summer, which improved by fall, and was best in the winter. So apparently the increase in babies born in the fall is more than just popping champagne and celebrating the winter holidays!


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