After The Baby Contraception: Notes To Bring To The Discussion With Your Obstetrician

There are many methods of contraception, and the best choice post partum is decided by many different factors. We suggest these questions to discuss and making some notes to bring to your gyno visit to help you decide what is best.
1. Do you plan another baby? If so, how soon?
2. Are you still breastfeeding? If so, for how long?
3. When will you return to work?
4. How are you doing with the baby, special care considerations? Sometimes this makes daily pill use more problematic.
5. Do you still want to have menstrual periods? Were these a problem in the past?
6. What are your risks for STDs?
7. What method(s) have you tried in the past? And what specifically were any issues you had with these methods?
8. Do you have any medical conditions, and how did this change with pregnancy? For instance, if you were a diabetic do you need continuing sugar management?
9. Do you have any special gynecologic conditions? For instance fibroids?
10. How is your weight? Do you plan to lose additional weight? Weight loss can eve affect the fit of a diaphragm, so there are potential considerations for your contraception.


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