What is A Pseudovitamin, and Should You Be Taking Them?

First you should know that a Vitamin is important for you to get in your diet as you body needs those chemicals, but cannot make them. Most of us have heard of the major vitamins that are recommended to be part of your daily diet. But there is a whole slew of chemicals cropping up in the chat rooms as substances you should get as extra vitamins. Most physicians don’t discuss these various chemicals because they are abundant in healthy diets and we never have to treat patients for diseases caused by their deficiencies. So they have been called “pseudovitamins.” Some of the pseudovitamins are lecithin, inositol, carnitine, lipoic acid, lutein, and zeaxanthin. All these substances are important for us to consume, and you may be getting them in your food. Some you may not be getting. Laboratory testing is starting to be able to monitor some of these nutrients, and then after testing you can decide if this is something you really need in your diet. A few other substances, that you may see promoted around, but don’t even make pseudovitamin status as there is no medical proof they are important for health include laetrile, also called B17, pangamic acid , also called B15, and gerovital or Vitamin H3.


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