The Grateful Dead's Gynecological Advice: The First Days are the Hardest!

It is not often we get to turn to Jerry Garcia for gynecological advice, but when discussing the Mirena IUD decision with my patients I can't help put hum those opening phrases form Uncle John's Band! Well, those first days are the hardest when it comes to the Mirena IUD as over 2/3rds of women will have irregular bleeding in those first months (to a year!) after placement of the the device for contraception. By a year, almost 20% of women are having irregular bleeding.We have written about this before, and any manner of treatments have been tried to provide a quick fix for what usually self corrects with time. Birth control pills, estrogen, tranexamic acid, NSAIDs and even DepoProvera has been tried to correct the early bleeding on Mirena IUD, and in fact they all will work in individual cases. As most happy Mirena users discuss (and over 8% of the contraceptive users are happy users) just take Jerry's advice: think this through with me; the first days are the hardest; and your gyno's advice: this bleeding on Mirena will stop and most women will really enjo
y their IUD!


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