Subinvolution, A Not Well Understood Pelvic Condition

Prior to pregnancy you have a uterus that weighs about 50-70 grams and after pregnancy you have a uterus that weighs 1000 grams, and by the 6 week check up the uterus has returned to baseline size.  This process is called involution, and if it is appearing to be less rapid than it should be, we call the condition subinvolution. Subinvolution typically presents as cramping and bleeding, and usually not that the uterus is appreciably bigger than a uterus at this stage of pregnancy. Infection may play a part in why this occurs, in other cases it may actually be due to placental tissue fragments being retained, but in most cases we don't have an explanation of why it occurs. But if you are finding that the bleeding is not stopping after this pregnancy as quickly as you think it should, perhaps subinvolution is the diagnosis. 


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