Nursing in Style

With the plethora of scrubs available to those in the health care industry today, the choices often come down to cookie cutter uniforms that blend in with everyone else. We all have thought of Dickies as one of our go to products for durability, value and comfort. For the stylish gyno office we think this Dickie’s scrub top offers a unique flare that maintains function while flattering form.  The rosette button applications from the neckline compliment hints of pleating to provide an extra appearance of femininity to stand out from the crowd.  The slight rouching of the sleeves add a pop of trendiness, while the same in the mid-back gives a flattering tapering effect; with the elastic accommodating for all sizes.  The pockets are perfect for the many needs of what we need to carry around in the office; and having utilized Dickie’s for years, we know that it will hold up for a long time to come.Here are some ways you too can look stylish
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