Rushing To The Bathroom? Exactly Type of Bladder Problem Do You Have

There are 30 million women with overactive bladders, but they can be broken into two types of urgency. First group has overactive bladder as they have intensification of normal urge, and the type  2s are a sudden urge, have to rush, and they have different reasons and different treatment.  And urgency it's not really all or none and some have a worse case. The groups are each divided into subtypes of problems as well. Type 1 mild urge is so mild you can finish the last hour of a movie, but precipitous, type 4 no matter what male star is taking off his clothes, you are running to the bathroom! How long can you normally hold? Can you hold for a whole minute if you have to go? A minute, girls, is a long time! And now there is a new patch that is available over the counter for the treatment of over active bladders.  And if you cannot get relief from Kegel's or watching your caffeine intake, then, it’s time to get to the gyno and discuss as causes of over active bladder as this could be due to a wide range  of conditions from habit to cancers and most are very treatable!


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