Peach Fuzz is Not Due to Male Hormones

Women who go to their gyno with complaints about hair growth need to tell us three things: where is the bothersome hair, is it thick hair or thin hair, and how fast did this hair appear. Hair growth in unwanted places that appeared suddenly should be addressed promptly so the cause can be identified.  Excess hair growth around the lip, the chin, the upper neck, the chest, on the back, around the nipples, between the breasts, down the inner thighs and other unwanted places is possibly due to male hormone excess, such as with PCOS or adrenal gland disorders. These conditions can be detected by a few simple blood tests. Usually one round of testing will reveal the cause, but it may take a few times to check on the range of your hormone levels. Excess of the fine downy hair that is primarily on face and arms that we call peach fuzz is not usually due to excess male hormones. This fuzz may be genetic, or possibly due to either medication or your diet, and this is treated very differently from the treatments designed to reduce male hormones. 


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