Hip Help: Your daughter should be an athlete

Too much exercise can be disruptive to the menstrual cycles, but for overall calorie consumption, heart health, and confidence there is nothing better than a girl in sports. One study even showed that girls in sports have "more shapely hips" meaning better overall hip joints and pelvic bone health implying that sports when growing up helps us become better birthing moms! But girls do have special considerations when it comes to sports issues. These things are tracked by U.S. high school sports-related injury data were collected for 20 sports using the National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance System, High School RIOTM Girls will have more injuries when compared to boys in the same sport. Knee injuries are known to be more common in girls. Athletes have been shown to have more abnormal cycles. As a group athletes are more likely to skip occasional cycles or even go months without any menstrual cycle at all. It's due to the suppression of ovulation, so they have more estrogen and less progesterone and fewer fertile cycles. But that's an athlete, and more a consideration for an infertility patient finding it difficult to conceive. In general those get the recommended vigorous activity for over at least 30 minutes a day will be healthier. They are more likely to have a smaller waist, less likely to smoke,  and actually are a bit more likely to only have modest caffeine intake. Weight bearing exercise actually sculpts your hips as well, and women who exercise regularly are more likely to have healthy bones. 


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