We Could Have Fewer Genital Warts Too

Swedish parents have embraced the Gardasil vaccine more completely than we have in the US, and 2013 statistics show that they have fewer genital warts in adults than other countries. In the US by 2013 only about 10-20% of eligible 9-12 year olds have received HPV vaccination. In many other countries the uptake has been in the over 80%. And the effectiveness of the vaccine when most of the population is receives timely vaccination it is shown by a new study that determined genital warts are becoming increasingly rare in the countries that effectively use the HPV vaccine. In this newly released study from Sweden the incidence of genital warts (condylomata) declined by 93% in girls who received the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine before age 14! The study was carried out by researchers at Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute. They showed that being vaccinated before age 20 is good and before age 14 is even better. In other words if they vaccinate when young the shot is over 93% effective. This is the same vaccine that can prevent cervical cancer, and the same vaccine that prevents genital warts in boys and men. So if we could effectively vaccinate against HPV disease, we could have fewer genital warts in the USA as well.


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